Providing Lunch to Habitat for Humanity Construction Crew

Providing lunch for volunteer construction crew (about 20 people) working with Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity

Equipment Needed

lunch for 20 people, plates/bowls/utensils etc, we will have water on site, so drinks are optional.

Skill Needed

any skill level, any number of people can get together and cook!


suggestions are sandwiches's, chili and corn bread, soup with sides, etc.


Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity

PO BOX 6571 Idaho Boise 83707

Mary Stell +12085990637

2018-04-21 12:00:00 - 2018-04-21 12:00:00
Reached with members of 18+ only 6 member(s) already signed-up
336 E. 46th Street , Garden City, ID

Send checks to:

PO Box 4906
Boise, ID 83711.

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